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Power generation from MSW

Municipal Solids Waste Treatment, overall MSW management.

Remove the of old-fashion landfill concept!
MSW removal

Our gasification technology for MSW elimination “Zero Waste” allows to remove almost all the incoming solid waste. Minimum inert ashes are obtained at the end of the process.

All materials with high carbon content are capable to be gasified: organicwaste, biomass and carbonaceous waste. Re-valuable materials such as glass, aluminium and metal are classified and pull out for their sale.

This technology reduce greenhouse gases emission: 40% CO2 reduction and 100% CH4 reduction, no toxic gas emissions (acid rain), no furanos and dioxins (carcinogens) emissions and no odour presence.


  • Obtain a clean energy source from solid waste, minimizing cost investment.

  • Cost effective plants from 1 Tn/h.

  • Short term ROI.

MSW is not stored, it becomes into clean energy!

Electrical and Thermical sustainable energy generation.

After more than ten years of research and development, we have designed a rotating horizontal cylindrical reactor that allows to obtain synthesis gas from MSW, completely clean whereby electric and thermic energy is obtained. This energy serves to be self-sufficient in the plant and generate significant economic revenues.

Dimasa Grupo Zero Waste plant are portables!

Location of plants “Zero Waste”

Thanks to our technology it is not necessary to install large MSW treatment plants. Cost effective plants are build from 1 Tn/h. Small municipal populations can have their own installation. The Zero Waste plant can be placed in an industrial workshops (warehouses), what leads a significant saving in transport logistics.

Environmental recuperation of former landfills!

Choose a friendly environment strategy, becoming closed landfills into park-lands.

Closed landfills are a major environmental problem. Our technology allows to treat all solids waste stored in landfill and develop a 100 % environmental recovery. We treat all MSW and leachate in the landfill.

Gasification and energy generation

Gas production monitoring, operational parameters adjustment to ensure high quality of the gas emitted.

During the gasification process, the waste to be treated is subjected to temperatures between 700 to 900 ºC with small oxygen amount. As a result, it is obtained a fuel gas whose characteristics are related with the waste composition, the operation conditions and the gasifying agent selected.

The gas obtained can be used for:

– Electric energy generation – Steam production – Prepare chemicals such as methanol, gasoline or H2.

Energy efficiency of gasification varies between 75 and 80 %. Variables that determine energy efficiency are: gas composition, heat of combustion, humidity, inert content from waste.

Cost reduction for MSW management in each municipality, with a no toxic emissions technology

Municipal Solids Waste management.

Aecagroup gasification technology removes the whole volume of solids waste produced in a municipality, electric energy generation and an inert ash minimum production, which are revalued for concrete or other industries. Electricity production allows us to amortize the investment in a short term, even increasing revenues. Installing one gasification plant in each municipality, the use of landfills will be eliminated, with no toxic emissions and therefore, getting the best friendly environmental strategy.

Sustainable energy production
and increase revenues.
Environmental impact reduction
by the elimination of landfill utilization.

    AECA Group Zero Waste Plant:

  • Advanced syngas cleaning system incorporated (no tar).
  • Deashing system designed to work with over 10% of impurities.
  • Allowable to process any kind of organic waste. Waste change without stopping the reactor is possible.
  • Utilization of advanced system to remove tars.
  • Utilization of dry filters that do not generate contaminated water.
  • Rotary kiln gasification technology, adaptable to any kind of organic waste.
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