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As a specialist in energy cost savings we offer our consultancy services at success, you will not involve any cost, the cost of our services is paid with some of the savings we achieve to perform.

After an exhaustive energetic study of your facilities, business and energy consumption, we propose the optimal energy efficiency measures to maximize savings. Once validated by your company direction, we optimize the contracted power; we hire the best rates for you and design and implement the most advanced technologies for energy efficiency. If you optionally desire our financial department can carry out the whole investment or part of it and amortize it through the savings achieved.

You get new and more efficient facilities without upfront investment neither risk. It also reduces your energy costs from day one.
Our remuneration is
based on a portion of
the savings achieved.
The first step is to WISH TO SAVE

Energy study: Understanding of the costs and energy consumption origin.

  • Analysis of the last 12 month load curve to understand the consumption evolution.
  • Analysis of the facilities and consumption critical points : with leading edge technology measuring equipment.
  • Look for errors or omissions: Arithmetic, contractual, legal, implementation…
  • Legal analysis: energy legislation is in constant evolution, every day there are new regulations, directives, regulations and laws.
  • Energy audit: To identify the energy savings points.
    • Lighting.
    • Climate control.
    • Sanitary hot water.
    • Reactive energy
    • Remote management, timing and sensors.
  • We propose an energy performance.

Costumer validation.

ZERO Investment: AECA and its finance department make the whole investment or part of it (optional).

Energy saving measures implementation.

Hire optimal rates and optimize contracted powers.

Part of the savings achieved is intended to return the investment.