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Wastewater Treatment

Transform urban or industrial wastewater in reusable water.

The goal of this treatment is to produce reusable or clean water and a solid residue or sludge (sludge) that may be reused. Depending on the characteristics of the water to be treated and the site, AECA Group proposes the use of one wastewater treatment or other:

Biological treatment by membranes
Our very own technology: Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) of AECA Group

AECA Group plans urban reuse facilities or industrial wastewater reuse through biological degradation of contaminants and sludge separation membrane.

We manage to triple the capacity of existing facilities treatment
By implementing our submerged flat membrane modules, we’ve got to triple the capacity of existing treatment facilities without needing of expanded space.

We design your project based on your needs
We adapt to projects already defined or we develop your project depending on the required flow and existing pollutant loads, always adapting the best possible solution.

Advantages of MBR modules AECA Group

– High sludge concentration, up to 14 g / L
– Increased BOD5 removal, COD, SS…
– Excellent effluent quality suitable for reuse.
– Thanks to the high rate of MLSS we reduce the size of the biological reactor.
– Supports important point loads without affect effluent quality.
– Reduction of required spaces and maintenance costs.
– High modularity of the membrane system
– Treatment of flow rates from 3 m3 / d on.
– Debugging units installed inside containers.
– Compact units manufactured for easy installation.
– Under consists of field installation.
– Minimum civil works required.
  • Excellent and constant water quality.
  • High membrane flow and low fouling membrane.
  • Under control of the plant and maintenance required.
  • Flows flexibility and pollutant loads.
  • Easy installation, with a minimum of civil works requirement.
  • Investment cost reduction by reducing the required installations for civil works.
  • Easy membrane repair by reducing downtime of the plant.
Suction zone view BRM module Membrane tank inner view Racks

Physic-chemical treatment

AECA Group designs and implements plants designed for Water clarification and sludge settling for flows up to 300m3 / h with a fully automated operation.
Operation: Deleting all potential water contaminants by physical and chemical separation (roughing bars, mesh filters, filter beds) adding coagulants and flocculants for precipitation and settling suspended solids and other dissolved smaller colloidal size.
AECA-Group-tratamiento-de-aguas-residuales We do the pumping using special pumps up to 80mm diameter passage and filtration of sludge and we make it through a filter press.

Biological Treatment

The solution proposed by AECA Group is based in the percolator or Biological Reactor due to its high stability removal performance and very low sludge production. This treatment can reach any level of water purity and reduces odors produced in conventional plants.
Operation: The residual water percolates through the filter in countercurrent to the air introduced into the bottom of the reactor. This simple principle of air supplying, facilitates mass transfer between oxygen, pollutants and microorganisms, thereby enabling improved performance in the removal process with very low operating costs as compared to aerobic common technologies.
AECA-Group-tratamiento-de-aguas-residuales Can be used as pre-treatment and post-treatment effluent and to process water in general.
This treatment has the great advantage of having a very low energy consumption, which can be powered by photovoltaic solar energy. Thanks to its easy installation, low cost of implementation, maintenance and control this solution is optimal for isolated places. In places where no possible civil works AECA Group recommends this treatment.
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