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Water saving systems

Without changing your habits and without loss of comfort.

It saves water consumption by a passive user behavior.

For the Faucet

Thanks to the compression chamber and homogenization, regulators can save up to 60% water without loss of comfort.

When the tap is opened, the water inlet velocity is increased to provide a pleasant and powerful jet without loss of pressure or washing power.

Thanks to its special (Honeycomb) construction, the controller is self-cleaning. Furthermore the mesh screen is strong and outwardly curved, this allows water to flow better.

Our system is designed in three materials: Bronze, brass and chrome. Particularly is composed of bronze. Brass is copper-based material with a bactericidal property. The chromium layer deposited thereon allows longer life and less adherence of the biofilm and limestone.

For the toilet

Every time we pull the string we consume about 6-9 liters of drinking water.

The Stop WC ends this waste and allows to consume only the water we really need. With this controlled dosage, the consumption is reduced about 50%.

Made of stainless steel, the life of these devices is unlimited. Different types of fasteners allows an easy installation in most mechanisms.

For the shower

Provides constant control without air injection, thanks to the quality of the polymer (Hostaform). The regulator maintains the water flow to the indicated level of 0.5 bar without loss of comfort.

The O-ring is not in direct contact with water, this enables precise control over the years.

The design of the cartridge positioning requires a regulator in the direction of water flow. The socket has two internal and external drivers and is equipped with two seats for the cartridge. This allows the installation provided in the water flow direction.

To provide a protective shower, combining a comfortable shower fixtures thanks to the innovative use of the principle of turbulence

The shower wall is characterized by reduced maintenance and good resistance against lime. With its integrated application swivel, this shower is adjustable.

As you need special tools for maintenance and installation ensures this model against vandalism.

    AECA Group, as specialized in water saving systems, after a study and technical analysis, and from a wide range of suppliers engineering, offers the best technology taking into account the needs and constraints of the client.

    The reality not manufacturers or distributors, provides fairness when it comes to offering our customers the best solution for your facility, always looking to get the biggest savings for him. Having a wide range of suppliers and be present in 4 continents enables us to provide the most innovative and technical features that adapt to the requirements of our client technology.
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