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Small wind power

Transforming wind into electricity

The small wind power covers from 50 to 100% of the energy needs of a household.
The small wind or domestic wind power is identical to the large turbines but at a lower level, their power is from 1 to 25 kW. Thanks to its dimensions similar to those of an electric pole, domestic wind brings no noises so its installation it’s allowed without permissions.

A small wind power it is composed by the following elements:

– A mast that allows the rotor to be located at a sufficient height to receive the wind force.
– A rotor which is composed by several blades and paired with an electric generator.
– A generator mounted on top of the mast that covers mechanical, electrical and electronic components.
– The foundation, fixing the pole to the ground, the characteristics (size, depth…) are calculated to ensure the robustness of the system in extreme conditions.
– Electric components, consisting on a rectifier and an inverter.

The investment is amortized over 8-10 years, and the duration of a mini windmill is 30 years.

There are many types of small wind power, Aeca Group offers the best solution for the needs of our client.

AECA Group, as engineering specialized in small wind power engineering, after a study and a technical analysis, and from a wide range of suppliers, we offer the best technology taking into account the needs and constraints of the client. We offer the possibility to finance it through the savings achieved, insure it, install it and do the maintenance.

The reality of not being the manufacturer or a distributor provides impartiality to offer to our customers the best solution for their facilities, always looking to maximize the savings for him. Having a wide range of suppliers and presence in 4 continents enables us to provide innovative technology and technical features that suits the best with the requirements of our client.
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