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HV and MV maintenance and installation.

High Voltage and Mid Voltage maintenance and installation.

In AECA Group we trust that together we are stronger. Therefore we offer our expertise in high voltage electrical installations to integral maintenance service companies.

If you want to complement the services of your company to be more competitive and expand your range of solutions, AECA Group makes it possible.

AECA Group can complement the activity of your company, providing expertise in:

  • Installation and maintenance of High Voltage facilities.
  • Mount transformers stations.
  • Locating lines and breakdowns.
  • Installation and maintenance of solar plants.
  • Energetic studies.
  • Engineering projects.

Available Services

Installation and maintenance of MV/HV electrical installations and transformer stations as well as reparation of switching and protection equipments.

Preventive maintenance review of:

Disconnectors, switches, fuse-breakers, circuit breakers, power transformers, relays, transformers protections current and voltage, power cables, busbars, red land, cabins and protection switching.

Hot spot measurement by thermography in Mid Voltage and High Voltage transforming stations, power switchboards, distribution boards supply and any other installation.

Filtering of dielectric oils. Measurement of touch and step voltages as MIE RAT 13. Low voltage electrical boards Installation. (Calculation, assembly and installation)

Own electrical engineering projects:

  • Mid voltage transformer station.
  • Energy consulting.
  • Power projects and legalization, new facilities, renovations or extensions.
  • Construction management.
We can provide transformers for breakdown replacement. Breakdown assistance 24 hour a day.

We have permanently a support team for breakdowns, technicians on call…

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Our equipment

We have all kind of measuring elements, tools, and safety measures necessary for carrying out maintenance work on High and Low Voltage.

Featured equipment:

  • Verification and measurement of step and touch voltages, dielectric strength, in sync breakers MV and HV, electronic protective relays, etc…
  • Analysers, thermal, differential, ground potential and isolation.
  • Thermography.
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