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Biogas: cleaning and conditioning

Reduce operational expenses on a biogas treatment plant.

From 50% to 60% of reduction in energy consumption cleaning and conditioning the biogas.

Cost saving by increasing 3 times more the active carbon duration. Operational cost expenses decreases due to the reduction of the active carbon refill.

Increase the quality of the biogas produced and extends the utility life of the biogas fueled engines. Dimasa Grupo Biogas Cleaning guarantees the reduction of harmful components for engines and for the environment (steam, solid particles, H2S, siloxanes and VOCs).

AECA Group has developed a biogas cleaning technology that reduces operational expenses, ensuring the best gas quality for its utilization in electricity and heat production, extending engines life and maintenance.

Innovative AECA Group biogas cleaning and conditioning plant:

Aims to remove undesirable compounds such as siloxanes, H2S, VOCs, humidity (steam), halogenated compounds, NH3 and particles.

Steps of the process: – Pre-cooling to 25ºC. Reduce the energy required by the energy recovery equipment.

– Cooling to 2-4 ºC. Reduce humidity as well as VOCs and siloxanes partial removal.

– Gas washing to reduce acid gas (H2S) and ammonia (NH3).

– Post-cooling to ensure the best utility conditions to be used.

– Siloxanes and VOCs complete removal by activated carbon.



– Reduced operational expenses.

– Pollutants emission reduction.

– Easy to install, operate and maintain.

– Compact plant with the latest high tech.

– Modular system based on customers requirements.

– Suitable for any biogas effluent.

– Continuous and stable performance since its commissioning.

– Simultaneous reduction of temperature, water steam, H2S, NH3, siloxanes and VOCs.

– Garantía de calidad del Biogás en su uso para motores.

– Capable of working in impulsion or aspiration.

– Particle and drops separation system integrated.

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