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Energy engineering services

Over 20 years as energy engineering support us.

Our multidisciplinary feature allows us to plan together and cover most of the range of project activities: calculation, design, construction management and legalization of both: works and private projects of high voltage electricity, low voltage, air conditioning, licensing activities, industrial refrigeration, acoustic certificates, telecommunications and energy certification of buildings as main areas.

Activities Licensing

Development of technical, project and legalization of Municipal License, with application of fire prevention and safety, according to the relevant regulations allows the City Council to lunch the activities.

– Commercial and/or office premises.
– Public premises.
– Garages and parking.
– Residential Activities: hotels, nursing homes,…
– Industrial activities.
– Municipal works.
– Street works.

Acoustic studies and certifications

Our technician’s team is specialized in acoustic measurements and certifications. AECA Group performs acoustic studies to obtain acoustic opening or operating licenses.

We conduct acoustic tests “in situ” and use approved and accredited equipment for acoustic measurement.

In many businesses it is necessary to take on account the acoustics of the facility. To get the acoustic opening certificate or license to operate its facilities in many types of business is bound by rules.

Pubs, clubs, shopping centers, processing centers, workshops, cultural centers or meeting are classic examples of establishments or installations requiring acoustic reports and certifications to begin your activity.

These certifications ensure that the acoustic noise levels generated do not exceed municipal ordinances acoustic noise and regional laws; avoiding damage to the neighbouring property. The report contains basically certified that the level of sound insulation is adequate.


Legalization Low Voltage community infrastructure telecommunications (ICT).

The ICT are community telecommunications infrastructure, colloquially called telecommunications antennas, whose objective is to ensure the users of telephone services, reception of radio-terrestrial television…All this is contained in a Technical Project signed by a Telecommunications Engineer.

A posterior team of AECA Group engineers can carry out the legalization of the low voltage telecommunications community infrastructure (ICT).


Underground power lines localization.

The AECA Group engineering team specializes in detecting and repairing faults in underground cable. Accurate fault location in underground power line can save much time and consequently a lot of money in repair.

Before digging, it is important to know where utility lines are located underground. There are underground lines within one meter deep. Damaging the service line can cause not only a significant outage for you and your neighbours but might also cause serious injuries.

In AECA, energy engineering as we are, we have 20 years experience in the location of underground power lines. Over the years we have been improving the way we work and we have adapted to new technologies to detect underground cables. We have the latest tools to locate faults in underground cables and most importantly, our engineering team has the “Know how” to efficiently locate underground power lines.


Thermo graphic studies

We prepare reports and studies with a thermographic digital photography system that allows the detection of thermal leaks and plant failures.

The study of a thermogram allows the location of hot spots that indicate the presence of malfunction in the equipment before damage occurs. This will be carried out preventive maintenance of facilities.

The infrared thermography allows us to detect faults in electrical panels or alterations of normal that will lead teams that are unsafe or damage them.

– The main applications of thermography:

– Electrical inspections: identification of false contacts, load unbalance, overloads switches, fuses, transformers, capacitor banks, etc…

– Mechanical inspections: bearing, motors, pipes and valves.

– Leak detection heat insulation furnaces, boilers, autoclaves and refractories


Energy certification of buildings

Did you know that since JUNE 2013 when constructed, sold or rented property is REQUIERED to have the Energy Performance Certificate (EEC) of the property?

AECA issue the EEC will make your property as quick and efficient as possible!

In AECA are experts in energy efficiency of buildings and we propose to increase the rating of your property to “A” which will give your property a notoriety, prestige, differentiation and an exponential increase in value.

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