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LED lighting

Reduce up to 80% energy consumption in lighting.

AECA Group as a 20 years specialized engineering, has offered multiple solutions for its clients in terms of optimizing energy costs. As an engineering it is our duty to analyze and give advice to our clients about the product quality that can be found on the market with total independence. Today, we show the best energetic efficiency solutions to our clients in LED tech based in 8 testing years over more than 100 products. Our tests are driven keeping in mind the next criteria:

– Producer
– Design and aesthetics
– Installation ease
– Luminosity, Lumen / Watt relationship
– Thermo-graphics
– Cos  et reactive potency
– Harmonics
– Real consume
– Packaging
– Luminance uniformity
– Price

Based on these criteria we have rated the different analyzed products so we can advice our clients about a product, brand and technology that could adapt better to its necessity.

We offer out clients the possibility to pay with a part of the savings achieved. So our client saves energy and money from the first day without initial investment.

LED Lighting vantages

Low consumption: A LED lamp gets energy from low voltage, thus consuming less potency.

Reduce your electricity bill saving up to 80%.

Low temperature: A LED lamp gets energy from low voltage, thus consuming less potency and heating less.

They do not generate heat, thus representing great savings in refrigeration equipments.

More reaction speed:LED has a reaction speed much more higher than halogen or fluorescent.

Maximum illumination in micro-seconds.

Much more brilliant light: At same luminosity condition as its rivals, led light is clearer y much more brilliant.

High brightness and luminance intensity level.

Flawless lighting: Absorbs possible vibrations that could affect the equipment without producing failures nor lighting variations.

Possibility of choosing a great variety of color tones.

Better duration and reliability: A LED’s live is very long compared to the rest of lighting systems and requires a minimal maintenance.

Approx durability of our LED products is about 50.000 hours, while traditional lighting has an approximated durability of 4.000 to 15.000 hours.

Bigger impact resistance.

More ecological: It does not contain pollutant elements as mercury, phosphor or others. It does not send UV rays, letting products to be exposed a lot of hours to direct luminary light (aliments, clothes, jewels, etc.) don’t gets deteriorated .
LED success stories

– Permanent lighting: Whereas the light is on 24 / hours a day, investment gets amortized in 8 months.
– At offices, supermarkets, industry that normally has the light on, more than 8 / hours a day, so in years we would have amortized our investment.
AECA Group, as a specialized engineering in LED lighting, and after a technician analysis and a study, and within an extensive client portfolio, we propose the best technology having in mind the needs and restrains of our client. We offer the possibility of financing through the saving achieved, assured it, installing it y and doing the maintenance.

The reality of no being manufacturers nor distributors gives us impartiality when it comes to offering our client the best solution for its installations, always wanting to achieve the best savings for him. Having a broad providers portfolio and being present in 4 continents permits us to deliver cutting edge tech with the technique characteristics that adapt more to our clients requirements .

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