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We act as an energetic service company.

We improve the energy efficiency of your facilities, finance and install them. The return of the funding will be based on the energy savings of the installed solution.

What is an ESCO?

An ESCO “Energy Service Company” is a company that provides improved energy efficiency in the user’s premises facing some risk in doing so, and based on payment for services rendered in obtaining energy savings defined.

What is it an ESCO for?

  • We guarantee the energy savings are achieved.
  • Manage all embodiments with consultants, suppliers, installers, simplifying all procedures to the client.
  • Partially or fully fund the implementation of the energy saving measures.
It allows the client to focus their resources on their core business while gaining an economic benefit form optimization, management and modernization of energy facilities while minimizing the negative impact it has, for the results the likely evolution of energy prices.


Success stories:

  • Switching luminaire hotels, supermarkets, car parks, hospitals, commercial, factories, warehouses, etc to LED.
  • Implementation of a geothermal or aquathermal system on developments, hotels, residences…
  • Replacing inefficient equipment: cold room for food, hotels HVAC, boilers gyms, Spas, Hotels…

What is it?

  • Detailed study of the facilities.
  • Technical and economic analysis of the improvements.
  • Energy efficiency adapted project to customer needs.
  • Energy savings guaranteed.
  • A financial plan.
  • Monitoring implementation.
  • Controlling energy and economic performance.

What are the objectives?

  • To reduce energy consumption
  • To reduce operating and maintenance costs.
  • To improve the quality and/or the customer production process.
  • Increase your competitiveness in the market.
  • To allow the implementation of energy improvements.
Example of the implementation of improved energy efficiency in the facilities of a customer:

We note that without AECA Group the customer pays an energy cost (red line) which pays much higher after the implementation of the improved energy efficiency (yellow area).

The savings that project assumed AECA Group, are intended to recover the investment and transform into benefits for the customer and the ESCO.


Certified Measurement & Verification Professional

AECA Group is one of the few certified engineering that count with CMVP certified engineers, which allows the development of IPMVP® protocols. All energy projects should be supported by an IPMVP® protocol for the peace of all parties. In the United States it is already required.
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