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Photovoltaic solar energy

The energy of the future. Interesting payback investments or selfconsumption.

AECA Group is experienced in projects of all magnitudes from small residential projects to large industrial projects.

Solar installations connected to the grid:

Our solutions always connected to the network ensure greatest profitability of the project and offers maximum guarantees:
– Solutions for individuals with designed kits.
– Solutions for businesses 100 kW.
– Solutions for tertiary sector.
– Solutions for investors.

AECA Group performs the more technical engineering of large photovoltaic installations of 1MW to 50MW led by large multinationals.
– Thanks to being a highly skilled engineering with experience and credibility we have earned the confidence of investors and large multinationals.
– Experienced in solar farms and roof top project.
– We develop photovoltaic projects in a wide range of roofing: tile, slate, metal and flat roofs.
– We also have several integration systems: complete integration, partial or with structure.

Proven technology with guaranteed yield of 25 years and product guarantees of 10 to 20 years.
AECA Group, as engineering specialized in photovoltaic solar energy, after a study and a technical analysis, and from a wide range of suppliers, we offer the best technology taking into account the needs and constraints of the client. We offer the possibility to finance it through the savings achieved, insure it, install it and do the maintenance.
The reality of not being the manufacturer or a distributor provides impartiality to offer to our customers the best solution for their facilities, always looking to maximize the savings for him. Having a wide range of suppliers and presence in 4 continents enables us to provide innovative technology and technical features that suits the best with the requirements of our client.

Monitoring and security

Implementation of photovoltaic installations with microinverters.
Allows customization to get optimum output in every situation.
We are talking about systems by which is given security to rooftop installations and give the ability to monitor production in real time of each photovoltaic panel.

Isolated Solar installations
It allows energy independence from conventional power grid.

Individual projects, where the energy produced is used to satisfy the energy needs of the building, what it means, self-consumption.
The proposed solution is:
To install solar photovoltaic electricity generation for isolated with the possibility of a support generator.
The product line solutions for isolated and self-consumption, is completely customable and adapted to the power consumption and autonomy need.
We can perform hybrid installations adding photovoltaic technology to another renewable technology, wind power generators, to geothermal, etc…

One client, one tailored solution.
AECA Group develops all projects into the “turnkey” concept.

– AECA Group wants to minimize the risk of the investment through a control of the projects since its birth (choice of location) to control the operation and maintenance, on this will depend the future earnings.

– From clear profitability objectives required to an investment, as well as cash requirements and other economic and financial indicators (payback, cash flow analysis…)

AECA Group analyses the different possibilities available for each investor profile based on risk.
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