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Do you think that the amount of your energy bill is excessive?

Do you want to reduce it up to 30%?

We are expert in optimizing energy turnover in the industry and services sector.

1. Detecting points of consumption savings.
2. Proposing improvement options.

A comprehensive study of energy sources of your company and facilities will be realized and a report on the status of these (energy consumption, leakage, thermal imaging and insulation installations …) will be generated.

Applicable corrective measures will be proposed at each point where a fault is detected or where it can enhance your energy consumption.

Energy savings and paybacks of the investment will be made in each point to optimize the state of its facilities.

Do you want to reduce it up to 30%?

Energy audit: analysis of energy consumption.

1. Review of energy procurement.
2. Parameter optimization of procurement.
3. Study of energy consumption:
  • Placement of network analysers.
  • Charting results and technical reports.
4. Diagnostics of the energy installations:
  • Detection of savings and improvement points.
5. Development of an audit report:
  • Analysis of current consumption.
  • Proposed improvement options.
  • Approximate cost of the investment.
  • Time to return the inversion.

Discover how much you can save

We make an energetic pre-study for you to judge.

Only sending the last 2 or 3 electricity bills, we will tell you how much could you save.

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