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Energy consulting

More than 20 years of experience.

The steady increase in energy costs has made companies less competitive because they have to route management model towards improving energy efficiency in all processes, if they want to maximize their benefits.
In a scenario of complexity that is the energy sector, with many traders and legislative changes, being able to trust in a professional and independent energy advisor to counsel and assistance to optimize their expenses, is a crucial step.

To perform the energetic tasks with professionals working day to day in the field, is to optimize performance, reduce expenses and reduce costs.

According to many studies, companies that rely on professional energy consultants and outsource energy management increase its comparative advantage over its competitors.
AECA Group offers its customers the annual energy advice service to businesses, an annual basic package for managing energy procurement.

  • Review the existing supply electricity and gas contract.
  • Advice on the renewal time of their supply: optimizing your energy bills by contracting and negotiation parameters for achieving the best price of electrical energy.
  • Review billing of electricity and gas (errors or omissions).
As we believe that the energy business know-how is essential, we make the energy assessment of your business so you can get an initial assessment of the use of your company’s energy sources.

After that energy assessment, we generate a report that will guide the client on the points where he could act to obtain energy savings.

Below are some of the services we are performing to give energy advice to our clients for over 20 years:

  • Management of renaming supplies with electricity or gas marketer.
  • Management of change bank accounts with electric or gas marketer.
  • Management of high or low voltage to the distributor or supply electricity or gas marketer.
  • Management of claims to electric or gas distributor or retailer.
  • Request a new distributor of electrical supplies or gas.
  • Legalization of electrical or gas installations.
  • Database control billing. Drafting monthly or annual report of each power supply or gas.
  • Drafting monthly or annual report of the total electric or gas bills.
  • Implementation of improvements relating to electrical equipment (reactive batteries, exchange counters, leds, …) .
  • Testing for electric billing by downloading meter data with telemetry (if you provide us with the data connection).
  • Tender for the bargain price of electricity in the renewal of power contracts (generally for rates,…).
  • Tender for negotiating gas in the renewal of contracts of gas (generally for rates,…).
  • Energy audit of the facility.
  • Drafting monthly or annual report of all invoices segments.
  • Optimization of electrical contracting or gas – proposed contractual improvement.
  • Installing monitoring equipment energy consumption.
  • Monthly review of each electric bill or gas supply.
  • Maintaining LV installations.
  • Maintaining HV installations.
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