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Want to reduce your air-conditioning costs?

Take the temperature of groundwater to reduce costs climate both in summer and winter.

What is Aqua thermal?

The aquathermal, also called geothermal water captures calories of the groundwater. Consists of a drilling and mining waste. Between input and output of the aquathermal pump, water is not lost, not in contact with any product contamination and untreated: simply dissipate some calories inside your home.

The aquathermal is the solution that offers better performance and better results, even in a small space. It is the ideal solution, provided that conditions are quite stringent.

– Must have access to water ensuring a steady flow of about 1.5 m3/h for a house of 110 m2. – The water shouldn’t be charged with sediment and rates of iron and magnesium shouldn’t exceed 2 milligram per litre.

The advantages of Aquathermal.

– High levels of energy efficiency in heat and cold generation. The performance is excellent: COP up to 6,28 or 6,26 kW heat for 1 kW of electricity consumed.
– The performance is stable regardless of the weather.
– The Aquathermal is suitable for both new construction and renovations. You can replace the gas boiler for heat pump keeping the old radiators.

– New INVERTER technology and SPIREC exchanger integrated.
– It’s a scalable solution that offers a hot/cold climate, without causing any noise or having any outside visual element distinguishable.
AECA Group, as engineering specialized in Aquathermal engineering, after a study and a technical analysis, and from a wide range of suppliers, we offer the best technology taking into account the needs and constraints of the client. We offer the possibility to finance it through the savings achieved, insure it, install it and do the maintenance.

The reality of not being the manufacturer or a distributor provides impartiality to offer to our customers the best solution for their facilities, always looking to maximize the savings for him. Having a wide range of suppliers and presence in 4 continents enables us to provide innovative technology and technical features that suits the best with the requirements of our client.
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