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Hotel industry

After staff and supplies, energy is the 3rd most significant cost.

Aware of the complexity of the energy sector, many legislative changes and the constant increases in energy costs, reduce the competitiveness of enterprises, AECA Group, with over 20 years of industry experience and demonstrated professionalism presents its consulting service on energy cost savings at success.

AECA Group proposes improvements in the three lines of higher energy costs for hotels.

Our solutions enable them to save up to 80% of energy costs in these 3 lines: air conditioning, lighting and hot water production.

We accompany you to convert your hotel into a zero energy hotel.

We have over 20 years experience in the energy advice to hotels.

The hotels of the future must be planned under an imperative: sustainability.

Our day to day with hotels:

– Energy audits.
– Consumption studies.
– Managing global consumption vs electrical billing.
– Checking invoices. Contracts renewal with electricity company.
– Advice study and new energy efficiency technologies implementation. (Boilers, Solar power, LED lighting…).

An endless list of places where we can implement our solutions:

– Hotels and Resorts.
– Villas and country hotels.
– Heated pools.
– Spa centers.
The hotel of the future must be the most self-sufficient in energy and environment combining ICT to generate maximum comfort and efficiency with the primary objective of generating a minimal carbon footprint.
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